We are celebration specialists. We have the skills and ideas to make your event a complete success!
What we can do to energize your gathering/party/event:

Teach interactive games and group participation dances
Liven up award ceremonies with special music
Run raffle and door prize giveaways

Church Functions * Charity Events *  Fund Raisers
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Bar/Bat Mitzvahs





Wedding ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies and receptions not only express the style and theme of their honored hosts, but also help to create mood and comfort for the wedding party and guests.

You can rest at ease knowing seasoned professionals are handling the details of your ceremony que, music list, performing announcements as needed, as well as keeping YOUR desired ambiance flowing through your entire wedding event.

We work closely with your wedding party, photographers, videographers, officiators, and service staff - leaving nothing to chance during this sacred event

Most weddings don't end once vows have been taken but rather the bride, groom, friends and family all proceed to a reception which serves as a celebration of the new union. Like any celebration that involves close friends and other loved ones, there are several things needed to make it memorable. Dancing is one of those things that's present at nearly all wedding receptions and since you can't dance without music you'll need either a live band or a professional wedding DJ to deliver music to the masses. Many brides and grooms choose professional wedding DJ's over live bands because generally speaking a DJ brings with him or her a greater repertoire of music. With so many different styles of music at their disposal is there really any choice?


A sparkling reception!


Southern Cali Wedding DJ Services

We offer couples a number of different DJ wedding services. These are as follows: 

Catching the bouquet

Grand Entrance: Guests at the reception hall eagerly await the arrival of the wedding party and when the wedding party does arrives it's important to introduce them in grand fashion. Our professional wedding DJ's not only play music but make important announcements such as the Grand Entrance and make such announcements with style.

1st Dance: Wedding celebrations are full of long standing traditions. Perhaps none are more common however than the first dance. We believe that the first dance between a newly married couple is an important milestone and one that should be announced with elegance and class. All of our professional wedding DJ's make this announcement as well!

Cake Cutting: Another popular tradition that our DJ's are happy to announce it the cutting of the wedding cake. This tradition is symbolic of the coming together of two individuals to form a life long bond and is considered both extremely fun and important.

Parent Dance: After the bride and groom have had their first dance together as husband and wife, parents of the couple are next to take the spotlight. Our DJ's handle this announcement too. Parents of the bride and groom deserver recognition and this announcement gives it to them.

Family Dance: In addition to the first and parent dances many couples opt to introduce key members of their families to the entire reception and have the partake in a family dance. In order to have such an event take place a professional wedding DJ is needed to make these important introductions.

Honeymoon Dance: Before the bride and groom leave the reception for their honeymoon it's customary for them to have one last dance in front of all their guests. This special moment requires someone to make an equally special announcement. All of our DJ's make this announcement and do so in such a fashion as to capture everybody's attention for one last dance.

Grand Exits: As any wedding reception winds down, the bride, groom, and wedding party make their exits. Having a professional wedding DJ to send everyone out in high style is important so that guest's eyes and attention are focused on those whom they are there to celebrate.

Miscellaneous Announcements: Outside the scope of more traditional announcements our DJ's also make several other types of announcements. These range from birthday shout outs to customized grand entrances and exits. Tell us what you want announced and we'll take care of the rest!

Indoor or outdoor events!

Wedding Master of Ceremonies: In addition to providing professional wedding DJ services, we also provide wedding master of ceremonies services to all of our clients. An great "MC" can energize a crowd, make important announcements and can keep the party going. Desi DJ Pro wedding MC's do it better than the competition as our MC's not only speak with background music to create memorable moments but interact with their audiences as well. This type of guest interaction adds another dimension to any wedding reception and makes the party all the more lively.


Wedding DJ Prices: Prices vary on all of our professional wedding DJ services. Please contact Desi DJ Pro for a quote!

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Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Bar Mitvahs

These celebrated & joyous festivities, steeped in time-honored traditions, help a family share the pride of having a son or daughter who has reached a rite-of-passage, or coming-of-age, and from this point on they become adults in their faith.

We understand the importance of this event and for all who attend it. We work closely with our clients to make sure no details are left unattended, every step of the way. We offer a full range of services to cater to your every need. Leave this holy day in the hands of professionals who will respect the reverance and traditions you hold sacred.


Bar Mitzvah


Celebrate Your Bar/Batmitzvah

Couple dancing at a Bat Mitzvah

Desi DJ Production can help you celebrate your child's Bar or Batmitzvah.  We can coordinate the grand entrance of immediate family members and announce those special guests who will have the honor of participating in the Motzi, Toast and Kiddish.

For the candle lighting we will introduce the family members starting with the grandparents on down to the Bar or Batmitzvah person and coordinate songs with the each person.

As you dance the Hora, let us make coordinate things so everyone can concentrate on having a good time.

Following the ceremony we can keep the party going with lively dance music or mellow tunes while your family enjoys a celebratory feast.



New Years Celebrations

Nothing rings in the magic of the holidays like a professional entertainment facilitator. We keep the pace and excitement going while you are free to mingle and host your holiday event.

We are specialists when it comes to holiday parties. Traditional or non-traditional themes are always completely taken in consideration and we work closely with you to create the perfect music lists, announcements, group games, ceremonies and more!

New Years/Rosh Hashanah - Christmas/Chanukkah - Valentines Day - Saint Patrick's Day - And other personal holidays!

Holiday party's make for a great time and having the right kind of music makes for an even better time.  Halloween parties are a big hit.  Valentines dance's are another big hit too.  Of course the company Christmas Party is the highlight of the year.

No matter what holiday you want to celebrate Desi DJ Production  knows how to make your holiday party a success.  Great music, superb emcee skills and a festive demeanor, make or DJ's the one to choose for your party.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help.


4th of July Events  Holiday Celebrations!  Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead  Chanukkah/Hanukkah Celebrations  Christmas Parties  Mardi Gras and Theme Parties  St Paddy's Day or Saint Patrick's Day

Birthday parties for a pet!

When we think of birthday parties several things immediately come to mind. Of course friends and family are considered first but then we turn our thoughts to food and entertainment. There are three ingredients to every successful celebration, good food, friends/family, and good birthday entertainment. The most popular type of birthday party entertainment when it comes to birthday parties is undoubtedly music. Those looking to entertain a group of people with different music tastes often select birthday party DJ's as they choice of musical entertainment. A birthday party DJ brings with them numerous advantages, those being a wide selection of musical styles and an almost limitless selection of songs. Additionally many DJ's also double as Emcee's providing a birthday celebration with even more life and energy!

Birthday DJ Services

If you're currently shopping around for musical entertainment for a birthday party you've come to the right place. We offer several different types of birthday DJ services all designed to make your next party a party to remember. Regardless of the theme or style of the party our DJ's come prepared to entertain crowds with a variety of different musical styles. The following is a list of the services we offer:

Beach party with hula hoops!



DJ for 16th birthday, Children's birthday party DJ's 16th birthday party entertainment, Birthday party entertainment for kids, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 770th, 80th birthdays!




Services we offer to make your Birthday Party Special

Not only do we play the music you want to hear and have a wide selection of different types of music but we can also help make your party great through the many different services we offer:

Disc Jockey: What would a birthday celebration be without a birthday DJ? Our DJ's have an extensive music library ranging from the 1930's to current Top 40 hits and everything in between. Our DJ's can entertain any birthday party regardless of age or generation.

Emcee Karaoke: Karaoke is always a popular attraction, especially when it's used as entertainment for birthday party's. Everyone gets a kick out of watching their friends and family members sing their favorite tunes. Karaoke however needs someone to both manage the Karaoke machine and to motivate and entertain those in the audience. That's why we offer Emcee Karaoke services so that all you and those in attendance have to worry about is singing gracefully! We operate PC operated karaoke machines and allow up to three mic's per machine. Additionally our machines feature over 500 songs to choose from with genre's ranging from Country, Rock, Pop, Oldies, and even love songs.

Professional Sound Systems: Even a birthday party small in scale and guests can become rather loud and noisy. Since music is one of the quintessential ingredients for any party it's wise to have professional sound system on site so that everyone can hear the music and any announcements that might be made. We can provide you with and install such equipment ensuring that everyone in attendance hears the music!
Intelligent Lighting and Lasers: It takes many things to make a great birthday party and lighting is no exception. When used properly lighting creates ambiance and different types of moods. Great lighting can bring out festive emotions in people and at a party that's the goal. To help make your next birthday party fantastic we offer lighting and lasers services. Give your party that extra boost by adding some lighting to the event!

Standard Lighting: For the more mature and reserved birthday parties we also offer standard lighting services. A well lit party, especially when located outdoors is more enjoyable and more easily navigated.

Event Planning and Coordination: Everyone who plans a birthday party wants to plan the the perfect party however those that have planned such events have often found themselves confounded and overwhelmed by the sheer scope of organizing everything. From the cake, to the guests, and the entertainment the task of putting a birthday party together can be quite arduous. For those who might need the assistance, we offer event planning and coordination. With your input and our knowledge and experience we can help you put together a party that no one will forget!


Child & Young Adult Birthday Parties

Quinceañera, sweet 16 and debutant party

Though most people enjoy a good birthday party at any age it's children's birthdays that often take the spotlight. Desi DJ Productions provides children's birthday entertainment for kids of all ages and strive to make every child's party one that they will never forget. Most parents know that birthday party entertainment for kids can make or break a party. Let us help you make your child's birthday party a memorable one. Some of the most popular child's birthday party services we offer are:

Sweet 16 Birthday Party DJ: Children grow up quickly and turning 16 is a milestone thatmany children parents like to celebrate in grand style. As most sweet 16 parties are large scale celebrations music is something that quickly becomes a necessity. Desi DJ Productions frequently handles sweet 16 parties and would love to DJ your child's 16th birthday party.
Quinceanera Party DJ: Hispanic girls approaching their 15th birthday know that there's a large party looming just around the corner. The Quinceanera is a classic Hispanic celebration, one where a girl enters womanhood and so the celebration for such an event is always something that's grandiose and exciting. Having a good DJ at such a party only makes the celebration more vibrant and memorable.

Children's Birthday Party DJ's: If there's one group of people that are completely entertained by music it's children. As children often enjoy a variety of different types of music it's best to have someone at your child's party that not only knows what's popular with kids but can give them what they want as well. With extensive experience in DJ'ing children's birthday parties, we pride ourselves on our ability to entertain children through music at any party.

Birthday Party DJ Pricing

Happy Birthday cake with candlesWe offer competitive and fair pricing for all of our birthday party DJ services. Give us a call for a free quote!

Interested in hiring a DJ for an upcoming birthday party? Contact us to book us now!

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Anniversary PartiesAn anniversary is a day that commemorates a special day or event - be it monthly or yearly in nature. Most often anniversaries are to celebrate milestone dates of the union of two people, the beginning of a business, or the start of a venture.

Make your happiness complete with Desi DJ Productions - providing quality and professional entertainment services in Southern California since 1999.



Anniversary Party DJ Services

Anniversary parties are a wonderful way to celebrate a married couples time together by bringing family and friends together.  Desi DJ Productions has hosted Anniversary parties providing excelling hosting skills.  We have a wide variety of music that will be sure to match the couples preference.

Special dedicated dances, toasts and great ideas for making this event fun are all party of our arsenal of services that make us the DJ to choose for your anniversary party.


Couple dancing in Hawaiian theme       Celebrate!       Couple holding each other tight

50th Anniversary

Anniversary Guide:

  1st     Paper

 2nd     Cotton

  3rd     Leather

  4th     Linen

  5th     Wood

  6th     Iron

  7th     Wool

  8th     Bronze

  9th     Pottery

10th     Tin/Aluminium

11th     Steel

12th     Silk

13th     Lace

14th     Ivory

15th     Crystal

16th     Porcelain

20th     China

25th     Silver

30th     Pearl

35th     Coral/Jade

40th     Ruby

45th     Sapphire

50th     Gold

55th     Emerald

60th     Diamond

65th     Blue Sapphire

70th     Platinum

75th     Diamond & Gold

80th     Oak

85th     Wine


Corporate & Business Events

Fashion ShowsEvery aspect of your corporate or business event is handled with the utmost creativity and attention to detail so you can sit back, relax, and completely enjoy the event!

We can cater your entertainment, announcements, and special/custom event handling. We work closely with other event personnel OR our event service partners, fulfilling the entire schedule - be it hours, or events that continue for several days/weeks.

All your needs are met, including professional suggestions for making your event sensational.

Orange County Corporate Entertainment

Corporate events should leave an impression on those who attend them. Be it a company Christmas party or milestone celebration, having the right music at your corporate event is of the utmost importance. Music sets the mood and gets people excited and drives a party forward. At Desi DJ Pro we understand what it takes to make a corporate event successful and memorable. Hiring one of our DJ's will make your next corporate celebration or event a great one.




Orange County Company Corporate Entertainment DJ Services

There are a number of different services we offer as part of our Corporate Entertainment Package.

PC Operated Karaoke: Our state of the art Karaoke machines are run and managed by state of the art PC's and software. This means that you get the most comprehensive and best sounding karaoke experience possible. Our machines are fast, reliable and customizable to fit the needs of your corporate event.

2-3 Microphones: The days of single person karaoke as well as the art of microphone sharing are a thing of the past when you utilize our karaoke services. Each of our karaoke machines comes equipped with up to 3 microphones so that everyone can join in on the fun. This allows both bigger groups as well as two or three individuals who wish to stand out to partake in the singing of a song. As karaoke is a group affair the more the merrier!

Over 5000 Songs: All of our karaoke machines comes' equipped with over 5000 songs to choose from. What this means is that there's always something familiar and fun to sing. With no shortage of great tunes you and your guests will never be forced to sing a song you're not familiar with and that there'll be something on each machine to please even the most fastidious of music enthusiasts.

Genres: In additional to having a large number of songs on each one of our karaoke machines, we carry music from all of the popular genre's of music further ensuring that there'll be something there for everyone. From standard hits, to Country, Rock, Pop, Oldies, and even Love Songs, you'll find them on our karaoke machines!

In addition to these aspects of our corporate DJ services, our DJ's make all the special announcements that occur at all cooperate events. Announcing the winners of employee awards, special announcements such as the arrival of key individuals and dinner time our DJ's make these announcements with style and flair. Furthermore we also offer lighting services to all of our corporate clients so that your event creates an atmosphere that's right for your gathering.


Indoor venues, outdoor venues        Themed fundraiser! 


Orange County Corporate Events

Desi DJ Pro handles many different types of corporate events.
Macy's Christmas Party
Company Christmas Parties: A corporate Christmas party is an event that employers use to say thank you to their hard working employees and to blow off some steam before everyone leaves for the holidays. These events are usually high energy affairs with a large number of attendees. What better way to keep the party going than with one of our DJ's!

New Year's Eve Parties: There are those companies who hold New Year's Eve celebrations either in lieu of a holiday party or as a holiday party reserved for the end of the year. Much like a company Christmas event, a New Year's Eve party is meant to be festive and upbeat. Our DJ's are a perfect addition to any New Year's Eve celebration. With their high energy and ability to play to the crowd our DJ's will leave your guests craving more.

Milestone Celebrations: When companies reach customer, sales, and growth milestones they often like to set up some type of celebration to acknowledge these milestones. Like all other corporate events, these celebrations are usually intended to be fun and provide employees with a number of different types of entertainment. Our DJ services are a perfect fit for these types of celebrations regardless of the reasoning behind the party.

Whether it's a holiday, milestone, or retirement celebration we bring teamwork, unity, fun, and high energy to every any event!
Corporate Event Entertainment DJ Prices

We offer a number of different packages to fit both your event and budget needs. Each package we offer contains comprehensive DJ services designed to make your corporate party or event great. Pricing is based on the number of guests attending your event.

Large corporate outdoor venue


Companies that use our services regularly

Desi DJ Pro works with some of the biggest and finest names in business. The following companies use our services for a number of different events.

Macy's: Macy's is one of those stores that has something to offer everyone. From home decor, to clothing, entertainment, and electronics, Macy's is a staple of American business. Macy's has been using our corporate DJ services for several years and we continue to be appreciative for their business and are proud to be associated with the company.

Albertsons: If you've ever gone grocery shopping then you've heard of Albertsons. The company is one of the largest grocers in America and has been utilizing our services for some time. We are proud that Albertsons selects us to play their Christmas parties and other corporate events.

Marriott Resort: Desi DJ Pro is proud to partner with Marriott Resorts and Hotels. As their hotels are often popular destinations for wedding receptions and other celebrations we are often invited to entertain such events.

Wyndham: Wyndham Hotels and Resorts has been working with Desi DJ Pro for some time and we continue to be proud of our association with them. Our DJ's are popular with wedding and corporate events held at Wyndham locations and we look forward to a continued partnership in the future.

Snow Summit: As the premiere California year round mountain resort and a popular location for celebrations of all types, Desi DJ Pro often has the pleasure of performing at receptions, reunions, birthday parties, and corporate events at the Snow Summit resort. Bringing with it fresh mountain air we continue to appreciate our partnership with the fine people at Snow Summit.

Hyatt Hotels: Like many other hotel chains, Hyatt's are extremely popular locations for celebrations and events. Desi DJ Pro has a long standing partnership with Hyatt and frequently plays wedding's, birthday parties, and other types of celebrations held at Hyatt's.

Rancho Capistrano: The atmosphere at Rancho Capistrano is one of serenity and is free from the hustle and bustle of daily life. That's one of the many reasons that Desi DJ Pro enjoys a partnership with the spiritual oasis. Playing events and celebrations at this location is a real treat and one we look forward to with every invitation.

Disneyland: The epitome of family fun and of Southern California, Disneyland delights the hearts of both the young and the old. Desi DJ Pro partners with Disneyland frequently for all types of events. Visting the Magic Kingdom to entertain people is a real treat for us.

Company Christmas Party          Corporate events          Themed Business Events          Outdoor Events Sporting Venues          Award Ceremonies