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DJ Ricardo


DJ Chris Rox

For over 14 years Desi DJ Productions has dug a secure niche in the live event DJ services industry, first with it's highly energetic yet humble man and wife team, Rebecca and Desi Desiderio - NOW their full fledged DJ company offers a team of the finest DJs available in Orange County, California.
Our commitment to a complete and professional experience is 100% garaunteed, backed by testimonials and referrals from some of the most respected and well know event venues and facilities in Southern California (So-Cal). Don't risk your valuable reputation hiring a fly-by-night or inexperienced DJ for your important event. Trust the professionals who understand what it takes to make your event complete.




DJ Ricardo
DJ Ricardo began his career as a DJ at the tender age of 14.   His first event was a classroom dance... and he hasn’t stopped since.  Ricardo was a radio DJ for Occidental College’s KOXY radio station. He has continued to grow and perfect his skill. Today, Ricardo is the ultimate professional, knowing how to entertain a crowd and improvise when necessary. He is also an entrepreneur, developing his own business, and like our other DJs, loves kids, music, people and having fun.

Bilingual fluent in Spanish and English

DJ Ricardo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Eddie Lee also known as DJ EL has been djing for nearly 15 years. His passion for music and his ability to play to any crowd are second to none. His strengths include seamless mixing, playing the appropriate music at the "right time", and reading the crowd at any moment. Easy to work with, DJ EL can cater to any type of event in a professional and fun way. He understands the importance of how to work with clients from the early stages of planning, all the way to the last song. Many of his clients continue to reach out to him for all types of occasions and refer him to others for the best entertainment experience out there. His talents have taken him from major clubs through out the Los Angeles and Orange county areas, to private events and corporate functions. Dj El also averages 10 weddings a year. In an industry that likes to change on a daily basis, DJ El has held an impressive residency at Laguna Beach’s Ocean Ave Brewery for the last 12 years where he continues to impress partygoers every time he’s DJing.

DJ EL’s client list includes:

  • Sole Technology (Makers of Etnies, Emerica, Altamount and 32 brands)
  • Trans World Media
  • House of Blues Las Vegas / Anaheim, CA
  • Nixon Watches
  • Burnham Benefits Insurance
  • Time Bomb Distribution Canada
  • Oakley Optics
  • Ocean Avenue Brewery
  • Landmark Steak House
  • Lucky Strike/ Morebowl
  • The Highlands
  • Club Joya
  • The Lounge

DJ Eddie
DJ Eddie 2
DJ Eddie 3
Desi and Rebecca Desiderio

Desi and Rebecca Desiderio began Desi DJ Productions working together to give you the male and female perspective which allows for a certain sensitivity and dynamic not found by a single operator.  With our unique service you get 2 D.J.'s, 2 Entertainers, 2 Reception coordinators and most of all 2 professionals doing what they love to do. NOW their wildly popular services have grown to include a team of DJs they share professional standards with, ready to offer a high level of commitment and practices to your special event.

Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable event for you and your guests.  We encourage all client's to set up a "get acquainted" meeting so we can discuss in person all aspects of your Wedding reception, Birthday Party, School Dance and more...  We know you will find that our experience makes us the right choice to host your event and even help make the planning of that event easier for you.


Rebecca and Desi at an event

Desi and Rebecca Desidario 
DJ Chris Rox

From a very young age, DJ Chris Rox found a passion that has carried him to this day. That passion is MUSIC! The first hip-hop song Rapper's Delight by The SugarHill Gang in 1979 was the very song that sparked a love for rhythm and hypnotic beats. Having a natural ear for great music, that ability went largely untapped for many years until about 1999 when he taught himself hand percussion to have a tangible outlet for the beats that were constantly in his head. They say timing is everything and after a fairly significant financial windfall in 2003, it provided the needed funds to buy his very first DJ setup. The same day he bought his gear, he booked his first store grand opening in Los Angeles and the rest is history.

Always desiring to provide the highest personal quality for your special event, whether you need an outgoing DJ/MC or a subdued one, DJ Chris Rox uses his musical knowledge, naturally deep voice and smile to engage every crowd he performs for. Whatever your special event may be, you will always receive 100% effort. Having done events for Croatian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican and East Indian weddings, Chris feels very comfortable around many different cultures and age ranges, and enjoys performing for youth/school events as well. With an eye for detail and a warm, friendly personality, you immediately know that Chris cares about his clients and truly loves what he does.


"Chris did an outstanding job preparing for the wedding, setting up the day of the wedding, and being an MC the entire night. I would recommend him to anyone. He is personable, knowledgeable, experienced, fun, and very supportive!"

Ed O.

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks so much for the great dj’ing job you did for my sister and brother’s birthday party, everyone had a great time and I think the music was a big part of it. :)

Cynthia J.

DJ Chris Allen